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Quality management

By thinking and capturing the solution well in advance, this extensive production process is easily manageable. To guarantee maximum quality, an intermediate inspection is carried out after each process step. Any deviations will be communicated directly with you. The production process always ends with a final inspection before the product is packaged for delivery.

We provide a list of measurements, material certificates and material testing on request. Revamo is familiar with testing authorities; therefore, carrying out an order under EN 10204 - 3.2 (certification) is no problem for us.

Available measuring instruments/methods:

  • Callipers up to 1,500mm
  • Micrometres up to Ø 1,600mm
  • Ferrous & non-ferrous layer coating thickness gauge
  • Roughness Gauges; Ra, Rz and Rt
  • Hardness: (Micro) Vickers
  • Material Identification; OES
  • NDT penetrant and magnetic crack testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Product marking using a stress-less pin-stamp
  • Climate-controlled measurement room
  • Almen test
  • Joint/tensile strength (external)
  • Microscopic testing (external)

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