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Why do we carry out knowledge sessions?

Revamo is happy to share knowledge with clients.
That's why we offer knowledge sessions.

More information

What can you achieve with Flame spraying/Laser cladding?


Revamo has built up a great deal of experience delivering wear solutions. We cannot show you all of this on this website. Therefore, we invite you to attend one of our free knowledge sessions. In these sessions we will explain what we do, what it can do for you and we can answer your (industry) specific questions.

For who?

The knowledge sessions we offer are specifically designed for companies who experience wear problems. In addition it is possible that you wonder what can be improved at your company. In either case, you can contact us to make a knowledge session appointment.

Specific cases?

Then we invite you and your colleagues to challenge us with your specific cases. Based on your cases, we can prepare a knowledge session that answers your specific question/problem.


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